(702) 564-3227
S.A.F.E. House 24 Hour Hotline
For TTY use please utilize Nevada Relay
(702) 451-4203
S.A.F.E. House Counseling
& Advocacy Center

Here are some simple suggestions to help a friend or family member:

  • Please listen, just listen.
  • Make sure your friend understands that you believe them. This is not a time to judge, nor do they want to be judged.
  • Let them know that you are very concerned and that you feel they may be in a great amount of danger. Let them know you are concerned for their safety.
  • Encourage them to call the Police if things begin to escalate. Have them memorize the Hotline number 702-564-3227. Make sure they know to always call the Police first.
  • Remember abusers are savvy and may be monitoring phones, emails, texts and all forms of communication. Do call, but make sure not to mention anything unless your friend says you can. Always ask how they are and if they need anything. Just because they stay do not give up on them.
  • Please do not tell them they have to leave. They will decide when the safest time is for leaving.
  • Help me come up with a get away plan, a safety plan . Help me think through where I would go and what I would need.
  • Please continue to support them even if they leave and go back many times. They need you and without you they are all alone. Don’t give up on them or assume they must like to be abused; this is not true. Leaving is not easy, it is dangerous and complicated.
  • A person living in violence knows their situation better than anyone. Support and love is the greatest gift you can give.



Internet Safety Alert

Your abuser can monitor the use of your computer and the Internet. Learn how to protect yourself.

CALL 9-1-1 If you are in immediate danger