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Call 9-1-1 If you are in immediate danger

Counseling Services

You are not alone! We know that abuse can take a toll. S.A.F.E. House is here to help you become a strong survivor.

    • • In-shelter Counseling: Counseling services are available for adults and their children who reside in our emergency shelter.


    • • Out-of-shelter Counseling: If you do not need shelter, but would like counseling, you can still access our services by calling our Counseling Center at 702-451-4203.


  • • Counseling services are available via phone or on-site at our shelter or Counseling Center.

The Counselors can help you understand the severe impact of domestic violence on your life. They offer an opportunity for you to to participate in family therapy that builds the parent-child relationship during this difficult time. S.A.F.E. House has an on-site Children’s Advocate at its emergency shelter that will also help your children build their resiliency and mental health during this challenging time.

 If you would like to access counseling services call our Counseling Center at: 702-451-4203