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Are You In Danger?

Domestic violence is a pattern of assault and coercive behaviors in which an individual establishes and maintains power and control over another with whom he/she has an intimate, romantic, marital or family relationship.

Danger Assessment List

Each situation of intimate partner violence is different and there are no true indicators that will point to the fact that the violence will occur again, or how severe. However, there are indicators that increase the likelihood that you may be in danger. This is a basic list and you should only use this as a guide. You know your situation better than anyone and should consider that when looking at this list.

On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest:

How dangerous do you think your partner is? __________

How safe do you feel? __________

Yes or No Questions to ask yourself:

Has the frequency of the abuse increased? (Is it happening more often?) __________

Has the severity of the abuse increased? (Are the injuries getting worse?) __________

Does your partner use drugs or alcohol? __________

Is your partner obsessive? (Is he/she very controlling?) __________

Do you feel isolated (or does your partner restrict who you can have contact with)? __________

Are there, or has there ever been, weapons involved? __________

Does your partner suffer from mental illness (suicidal or strange behaviors)? __________

Does your partner force you to have sex? __________

Perform sexual acts that you do not want to do? __________

Is your partner abusive to the children? __________

Is your partner abusive to animals?  __________

Are you pregnant, or has your partner abused you while you were pregnant?  __________

Abuse is not always physical:

Non-Physical Indicators of Abuse:

My partner screams and yells at me.  __________

My partner insults or shames me in front of others.  __________

My partner does not respect my feelings. __________

My partner frightens me. __________

My partner demands I listen to them __________

My partner does not like me to spend time with family or friends __________

My partner demands that I stay home, or follows me when I leave _____

My partner goes through my belongings, my mail, my email and my phone __________

My partner cheats on me __________ Gave me an STD __________

Takes your money or never gives you money __________

Does your partner tell you you’re a bad parent and/or that they will take or hurt your children ____

Has your partner threatened to commit suicide? ______

Act like it is your entire fault, call you crazy or try to make you feel crazy? __________

These are important signs that you may be in danger.

Internet Safety Alert

Your abuser can monitor the use of your computer and the Internet. Learn how to protect yourself.

CALL 9-1-1 If you are in immediate danger